Cassy is ridin the hot stallion

On this years carnival I was invited by my gay uncle to his gay friends place. He wanted me to go there fully dressed with slutty make-up. “I have a suprise for you sissyboy!” he said on the phone. After my arrival I was introduced to a good looking young and horny stud. “This is our STALLION… he always wanted to fuck a hot tranny like you in the ass!” – “Down on your knees now! SUCK HIS COCK!”

“This is a test… you know… if you pass this test you will have to please all our gay friends and her gay daddies.” – Uuuhh and how he worked my ASSHOLE!

30 thoughts on “Cassy is ridin the hot stallion

  1. würde gerne nach mannheim kommen und mir auch so richtig schön von dir in den arsch ficken lassen!!

  2. That guy, who I hate by the way lol, certainly won the JackPot when Cassy allowed him to shoot that vid with her.

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